Natural mix flowers with cake in acrylic box

SKU PV163-PV164

1,000 ر.ق

  • 1450 grams round cake
  • ( 6 diameter* 4 inches )
  • Spray roses
  • Chamomile
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Moss

Flavors available: Chocolate, Vanilla cake, Other Flavors.

Acrylic box

Square 30*30, Round 30*20

Cake Flavors

Dark chocolate cake, Light chocolate cake, Light chocolate with hazelnut mix, Light chocolate with caramel, Dairy free chocolate cake, Plain Vanilla, Vanilla and strawberry ( Victoria Flavor), Vanilla and caramel, Vanilla And Pistachio, Marble cake ( Mix chocolate and Vanilla), Pistachio rose, Carrot cake with cream cheese, Banana Cake with caramel ganache, Red velvet with cream cheese, Rainbow